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If you’d like our panel to assess your writing, please submit a short narrative piece here. Maximum word limit is 1,000 words. It should be your best writing and please, DO make sure it has been properly edited. 

Once submitted, your writing will be assessed by a panel of professional writers and if they think that your writing jumps off the page you WILL receive exposure.

We are keen to find talented Australian writers and to promote them wherever we can. That might be in live performances, social media, talks, reviews, our iTunes podcasts, or any other means we find suitable to help you to get known.

Please note that our site is a not-for-profit site, and we only want to attract people serious about their writing and willing to back themselves in getting free exposure. We also want to avoid submissions that are just spam, so we do charge a $10 admin fee.

Although we love submissions from Aussie writers first and foremost, (after all that's just part of our whole raison d'être), to be fair we do also accept submissions from writers from other parts of the world.

As readers who love good writers, we believe that talented writers should be exposed and promoted, so discovering good writers is certainly what we do best.

This form is for talented Australian writers to submit their short fiction (or flash fiction) to us for possible inclusion in our marketing and promotional activities.

The maximum word limit is 2,000 words. Any genre is acceptable, but please note, that we are not accepting poetry at this time.

Note: We do charge a submission fee, so you need to be a serious writer who intends to make a living out of their writing.
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